USS Enterprise CV-6

One of the mainstays of the Pacific Fleet during World War II, this ship is the one that started the legacy that would eventually lead to the Enterprise-E.

Arguably the most difficult of this series to come up with a model of. I started with the Tamiya 1/700 waterline series model of the "Big E."
Throughout the construction of this kit, which I built straight "out-of-the-box," I was amazed at the level of detail Tamiya included in the kit.

The bridge, shown here, consisted of no less that 30 different pieces.

Detail could be found throughout the ship. From the open hangar to the details below the flight deck. The model was given a base coat of grey followied by a black wash to enhance detail.
Once complete, with the aircraft on the flight deck, she makes a very presentable model.
As with most aircraft carrier models, a variety of aircraft were provided. You can even make out an "Avenger" in the hangar below decks.
These "Corsairs" even show their characteristic "bent wings."


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