USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A

Refitted for the first film voyage, and later rebuilt as an entirely new ship. This upgrade of the old ship was one of her most attractive incarnations.
This version is the 1/1000 scale resin kit from Darkstar Models.
Despite its smaller size, it is MUCH more accurate than the larger AMT/Ertl kit

Here's how she looked after construction and a goat of grey primer with a white coat over that.

She's also had a metal rod attached to connect her to her stand at this point.

Using files available for download from Starship Modeler that were meant for either the AMT, or smaller Starcrafts, I made decals for the aztec plating on the ship.

This, much to my surprise, actually worked fairly well.

After coating the decals with a layer of gloss, I then painted in the rest of the details on the ship.

I applied the decals after that, and then glued the rod into the wooden base to keep her steady.

The completed ship, from the top looking aft.
From the top, looking forward
Regrettably, there were some fit and alignment problems, but I always seem to have those.
Looking up from under the saucer and into the deflector


Constitution Class


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