ISS Enterprise NX-01

The ship that started it all, the original Starship to bear the name "Enterprise."

The pride of the Terran Empire. The first ship to go faster than warp 5.

This is the 1/1000 Polar Lights kit.

I was impressed by the level of detail they'd included in such a small model.

This one, I will admit, I did actually snap together. The fit was surprisingly good

The kit was built according to the instructions.

The engines were painted to simulate a "powered up" look.

The whole model was drybrushed silver in order to vary the appearance of the plastic.

She's still something of a work in process as I have yet to apply the markings
After a lot of thought, I decided to do more work on her. I purchased a set of aztec decals from Starship Modeler's store.

This resulted in me having to repaint much of the hull because the plates wouldn't show up on the dark plastic.

Application took several hours as much of the hull would be covered by them.

The end result, though, was well worth the time it took.

With the hull plating now in place under a coat of spray gloss, it was time to start placing the ship's markings.

The bottom of the ship was decalled with the stock markings as teh custom ones I'd purchased would only be placed on the top of the hull.

The top of the hull, however used very few of the stock markings.

Using a set of decals from J-Bot, I marked this little ship as her "Mirror Universe" counterpart.

The marking worked really well with the plates from the previous work.

Standard beauty/flyby shot
Similar angle..only from the rear quarter


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