USS Red Dragon NCC-26278

This ship has been on the drawing boards for years. What I finally wound up with was an attempt to build an SR-71 Blackbird with warp nacelles that didn't look like an SR-71 with nacelles. I think the end results speak for themselves. One of these pictures was acquired by laying the model directly on the bed of my scanner.

I roughed this out on the instructions for the SR-71's decal diagram. I then sat down and started fiddling with the parts to the actual model. I started by removing about an inch and a quarter from the middle of the fuselage. I then removed the original engine housings in an effort to make room for my new wings. The wings were cut out of 3 plys of think cardboard in an effort to give them strength. After they were inserted, I then braced the model in an effort to get an upward slant to the wings.
After the wing assembly was dry, I decided that more aft detail was needed. Using what was intended to be the outboard halves of the Blackbird's engines, I glued the pieces directly to the fuselage. This formed kind of a rear stabilizer detail. I then put the photon tubes that were left over from a Reliant kit into the forward end of this assembly. The rear was filled with styrene in an effort to form the impulse engines.
The pointed nose normally found on the Blackbird was shortened and beveled slightly in order to form the navigational deflector. It was then filled with a combination of cardboard and white glue in order to get the "dish" effect I was looking for. The original cockpit was sanded off and a new one was painted on. As a last construction step, the nacelles from an old Enterprise-D kit were added to the tips of the wings. The model was then puttied and filled. I gave it a base coat of white and then added details by hand as I saw fit. With the exception of the Starfleet banners, which were salvaged from the Reliant's decal sheet, all other markings were hand painted.


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