Romluan Stormbird Class Cruiser

The IRSV Sky Raptor
She is a Romulan Stormbird class Cruiser.
The Stormbird, according to some sources, is what the Romulans renamed the Klingon D-7 cruisers they recieved under treaty

This model started life as the 1/1000 Klingon Pattle Cruiser from Polar Lights.

It was built as per the kit instructions, minus the impulse/hangar deck, but left undecalled.

The model was then given a coat of black after some minor seam filling was done.

I admit that, at the time these first pictures were taken, no detail painting had been done.

After the black was done, I applied a set of Stormbird markings by JBot Decals that I had purchased from Starship Modeler.
The large feather design on the main hul was cut into three pieces to make application easier.

After that was placed, the impulse/hangar deck was glued into place on top of the hull.

In the end, it turned this into a very nice looking model.


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