Winged Defender Class Cruiser

Quite arguably the best ship that FASA ever came up with for their Star Trek games. Of them all, this is the one I most wish for a model of rather than the small metal miniatures.

The lead ship of my little triad. This one was painted a base white primer and then given a coat of green acrylic ink.
Detail was added to the wings in various metallic colors.
The gun tips and "cockpit" were then highlighted in red.
The second of the set, as well as the second one I built and painted.
Here, I started with a base coat of black followed by a similar metallic treatment to the feather colorings.
Only the "cockpit" of this one wound up with the red highlights.
The third ship in the flight. This one was actually the first one of these ships I had built.
Like the second ship, this one started out with a base coat of black. This time, however, I used varying shades of greys for the feather details.
In addition to the red "cockpit" found on the other two ships, this one had additional details added in grey.


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