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The Schuldt family had its beginnings in Germany. Philipp Christian Schuldt was born 1763 in Grabow, Meklenberg, Schleswig, Germany. The family name Schuldt means mayor.

These two crests were sent to me from Germany by my good friend Rainer Schuldt. He scanned them from a 1912 book located in the Hamburg library  and supplied me with the following information:

The first crest (left) is that of the Peter Schuldt family. It is about 300 years old. Peter was a church juror and lived in Hamburg. The crest was registered in the "Hamburger Wappenrolle" which means "Crest register of Hamburg" in 1689. The church in which Peter worked was St. Jacobie which still stands in the center of Hamburg. The crest on the right belongs to Henrich Paridom Schuldt. He was a commercial judge and president of the Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg. The crest was registered in 1859. I (Marlo Schuldt) colonized the crests from the original back and white scans using a guide to get the correct colors.

We would be interested in any additional information or photos regarding the Schuldt Family History. Check back later. . . .
Schuldt Family Genealogy


Philipp Christian Schuldt was born 1763 in Grabow, Meklenberg, Schleswig, Germany.

Jochim Christian Schuldt born 18 July 1790 in Bresegard, Meklenberg,

Johann Joachim Carl Schuldt born 16 June 1828 in Meklenberg,

Carl Johann Heinrich Schuldt born 24 July 1866 in Bresegard,

Edward Hans Schuldt born 25 May 1903 in Cushing, Iowa.

Marlo Edward Schuldt born 1 May 1948 in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Carl Johann Joachim Heinrich Schuldt

Carl was born 24 July 1866 in Bresegard, Mechlemberg, Schweis, Germany. Died 4 Dec. 1930 in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Bertha Pieper Schuldt was born 29 December 1866 Prussia, Krumbeck, Schlewsweg, Holstein, Germany. Died 3 Sept. 1930 in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Carl and Bertha met in American. They married 26 Mar. 1889. They made their first home in Iowa where they farmed and raised 10 children. Rosa, Ella, Gustav, William, Tresa, Leona, Carl, Edward, Harry, and Ernest.

The family became very successful with the family farm. Everyone had responsibilities. The family home was destroyed two times by violent wind storms -'twisters.' The family sold the farm and moved to Idaho Falls, Idaho and started over. Again, the family was successful and did very well. However, this was short lived. The famous depression took it toll on the Schuldt farm requiring it to be sold.

Edward H. Schuldt Family

Edward was born 25 May 1903 in Cushing, Iowa. Died 15 Dec. 1977 in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Velma Olsen Schuldt was born 9 Feb.1906 in Iona, Idaho. Still living and doing very well at 90+ years!


Velma and Edward were married 15 Mar 1927 in Dillon, Beaverhead, Montana. The story goes that before they were married, Ed was a little shy and Velma told him if he didn't kiss her at the dance she would not see him any more. Well . . . he did making it possible for them to have four children. Dean, Narda, Penny and Marlo.

Edward was the shop foreman for the Ford garage and later owned and managed his own service station business. Most important, Edward always offered a smile, a helping hand or a piece of candy to the children, He made friends with people from all over the country. His customers often made changes in their travel plans just to include a stop in Idaho Falls, Idaho to visit with Ed and maybe make a swap for a couple of rocks out of his rock collection. The large rock collection grew from rocks people swapped - kind of usual in a world dominated by money.

Ed and Velma worked together in the family business. They were best friends. It was not uncommon for them to make a couple of sandwiches, grab some soda pop, jump in the car, Drive 70 or 80 miles in a hour and be fishing on the banks of Snake River. They knew how to have fun while making their journey though this serious business of life. The 50th Wedding Anniversary photo above demonstrates their wonderful commitment to each other.


Schuldt Family and Friends  
E-Mail Addresses & Home Page URL's

I know that at some point, with the unusual spelling of the name 'Schuldt,' we must be related. I have included the e-mail addresses and links of Schuldt friends and relatives that have corresponded with me. It has been a fun and delightful experience getting to know all of you. I thought I share your addresses that we might start our own 'Schuldt' group and all get to know and share information with each other.

If you would like me to add you to the following list, just drop me an e-mail.

Geographical Information

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Schuldt Family History Map of Germany (Link not yet available) showing where our Schuldt family heritage began.




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